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LOVJOI intimates

The driving force behind LOVJOI is the love of fashion and nature. This is also reflected in the name of the eco-label, which incidentally was inspired by the planet Lovejoy. Loving details turn those from LOVJOI into unique favorites.

The organic cotton is grown and processed in Turkey GOTS certified. This seal is important because it unites our ecological and social values. It guarantees sustainability and humanity.

LOVJOI work fairly and transparently with a family-run sewing shop in Portgual. Every product from the LOVJOI Intimates collection is manufactured there under social conditions. The principles of the economy for the common good are part of the brand philosophy. We can only change the world from a global perspective through sustainable management, i.e. socially oriented and environmentally friendly action. In the in-house sewing shop in southern Germany, Syrian employees are also supported by offering them specialist jobs so that they can practice their craft, and we are also helped with finding accommodation, dealing with authorities and reuniting families.

LOVJOI is constantly looking for innovative materials. Various criteria such as feel, appearance and sustainability are taken into account. The fabrics are particularly robust, comfortable and skin-friendly and also have a variety of different surface designs. At the same time, they are differentiated by the environmentally friendly cultivation of raw materials and the possibility of recycling conventional materials. On the one hand, this guarantees high quality and, on the other hand, a nature-friendly origin of the fabrics.

The idea of the natural cycle impresses LOVJOI straight away - the high proportion of recycled materials follows this principle in lining and decorative fabrics, lace and tulle, labels, hang tags and elastic bands.

RECO NYLON: This nylon is made from 100% production waste. Around half of the CO2 emissions are generated during production, as in standard nylon production.

ROICATM Eco Smart family: An innovative product family that offers two sustainable solutions for premium stretch yarns: 1. ROICATM yarn NO. 1 exists
from a proportion of over 50% recycled production waste and is therefore GRS (Global Recycling Standard) version 3 certified. This is a certification from Textile Exchange.

74% Reco Nylon 26% Roica. A slightly transparent tulle, modern, sporty and super sexy.

ROICA Eco Smart family: An innovative product family that offers two sustainable solutions for premium stretch yarns: 2. The second ROICA yarn meets all the requirements of the “Cradle to Cradle” principle and has been tested for its impact on people and the environment. The aim is to eliminate all toxic and unidentifiable chemicals in order to produce a yarn that can decompose at the end of its life without leaving any harmful residues. ROICA was also certified as "Environment Compatible" by Hohenstein.

LOVJOI is a 100% vegan label. The products are guaranteed to be cruelty free. No wool, leather, silk and all materials of animal origin.