laid back and well dressed, eco and fair, since 2008, from Berlin, Germany FORMAT stands for products with clean shapes, defined details and confident lines for laid back but well dressed people. The FORMAT collection is partly independent from seasons and every style is made – organic and fair – in Berlin. COLLECTION: 40 styles (B2B: 20), single pieces, colours and fabrics are seasonally exchanged and replaced CALCULATION: 2,5-2,6 no minimums DELIVERY DATES: stock or 2 month pre-production PRODUCTION COUNTRY: Germany SOURCING: organic fabrics from GOTS certified manufacturers (mainly from Turkey and India) or sourced under GOTS-similar conditions in and around Germany We are format from Berlin-Neukölln and we make sustainable clothes since 2008. We use organic materials and produce under ethical conditions. Probably similar to some other brands. But there are quite a few things that make us unique. DESIGN Our designs have a clear language and a strong recognition value. They are independent from trends, versatile and minimalistic with original details. We combine everyday comfort with a special something. EXCLUSIVE We do not do mass production but work in small series. Our customers can be sure that wearing format in their individual ways will underline their unique personalities. We always have an open ears for special wishes. LOCAL We have always been producing at our own workshop in Neukölln behind our shop WESEN and occasionally outsourced parts of the production to Kreuzberg or Stettin. Currently we are exclusively sewing here and appreciate our flexibility and control. INDEPENDENT We are financially independent. We don't have to justify our decisions to a higher economic party. There is no one who owns parts of the business or who makes profits with us. PRICE We aren't able to produce low-price segment products. Which doesn't mean we are aiming to generate an exclusive clientele. Our prices are reasonable for what we provide. Our approach to slow fashion is to provide the conscious consumers who value our high quality standards with favourite items they are able to get again in following seasons. In comparison to regular design clothes format fits into smaller budgets. DOWN-TO-EARTH Our door is always open and we are always happy about visitors and feedback. We don't see ourselves as ethereal creatures or stylish fashionistas but as clothing producers. We don't take ourselves and fashion too seriously, we just have a passion for well made clothes. We don't have anything to hide and like to share information with others. There are no hierarchic structures and many decisions are made within the team. Job interviews are more like a get-together with the whole team during lunch than a tricky question and answer game. HONEST We neither want to be millionaires nor rule the world. We just want to be able to do what makes us happy. With amazing colleagues in a comfortable work environment. Currently we have to make compromises to create this. While sticking to our quality standards, fair production and realistic retail prices aren't quite at our dream wages, yet. Our prices are calculated reasonably. Decreasing costs leads to decreasing prices. We reinvest our profits in new machines and slowly but surely increase the wages. We don't do advertising and we don't pay anyone to wear our clothes or to say or to write good things about us. Our customer service is always honest because we are convinced that short-term economic success is not sustainable and valuable. SUSTAINABLE Not only our clothes are supposed to be ecological and fair. One of our most valued goals is for the designs to be timeless. Our clothes aren't only available for one season. We live sustainably at WESEN the same way we do in our private homes. We recycle and try to avoid waste, we use eco electricity and gas and for lunch we take turns in cooking (mostly eco and always vegetarian/vegan) for the whole team. Quite undogmatic.