Collection: Alma & Lovis Strick

Alma & Lovis defines itself as follows: "In order to be able to enjoy the desire for fashion, we consistently follow our vision of sustainably and fairly produced clothing."

Alma & Lovis are not the actual names of the founders, but are based on fictional characters that symbolize important principles of the label's work. Alma stands for down-to-earthness and harmony, Lovis for a fighter who questions things and is looking for new paths. “The fashion — feminine and casual. The style — uncomplicated, quiet, and yet expressive. Current trends are interpreted cautiously.” Alma & Lovis, however, become reality through the fun of meaningful work and the production of sustainable and fairly produced fashion.

In the Alma collection & Lovis have high standards for the materials used as well as social status. Organic cotton is used, which is certified according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). The personal contact with the producers guarantees high quality and the selection of the production sites with fair working conditions the high social standards. Partnerships are built here that are geared towards long-term cooperation, secure jobs and know-how. The fashion label Alma & On the one hand Lovis wants to produce casual, feminine fashion, on the other hand it should be ecological, fair and affordable for the consumer.

GOTS: Certification No 59481 Registration No CERES-0117

Our wool comes 100% from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT) and is mulesing-free for the sake of the animals . The animals have enough pasture and habitat, the possibility of natural reproduction is assured, no pesticides or fattening aids are used. The wool comes from free-ranging alpacas in Peru, which are perfectly adapted to their environment.

Made in Peru - under fair conditions in controlled factories. The natural fiber is processed by hand in small regional businesses in the country of manufacture, using methods that are not harmful to health, in a secure working relationship and at fair wages.