Collection: girlfriend collective

Timeless sportswear in beautiful, simple colors that can be combined with anything, that is girlfriend collective.

Transparency plays the important role in this brand. Every process, every raw material and partners are carefully selected. Under the motto, "All those who don't waste, good shall be bestowed," all fabrics are made from at least 79% recycled materials, such as single-use water bottles and fishing nets.

Ethical Manufacturing: All Girlfriend Collective garments are cut and sewn in SA8000 or WRAP certified factories. Fair and living wages are guaranteed, and a secure job and forced or child labor are excluded.

Eco-friendly dyes: All garments are dyed with OEKO and Bluesign certified dyes and the water used is thoroughly purified and cooled before being released. Every single drop of water used to dye the textiles is sent to a treatment plant just 100 meters from the machines. The color sludge from the dyeing process is sent to a cobblestone factory to be recycled into cobblestones.

Sizes Included: Girlfriend Collective believes that health and well-being can come in many shapes and sizes and that representation is important.

A closed loop system: the goal is for all garments to be 100% recyclable or biodegradable. As part of the new ReGirlfriend program, all of our RPET parts can be sent back to be recycled for future Girlfriend parts. Recycled polyester is almost equivalent in quality to newly produced polyester, but the production uses 59% less energy than newly produced polyester. It also reduces the consumption of fossil resources such as oil and natural gas.
The production of recycled polyester causes 1/3 less CO2 emissions than conventionally produced polyester. Carbon credits are purchased to offset the CO2 generated during transportation to the recycling center in North Carolina.