format is our private label under which we develop clothes since 2008. more

In WESEN one can find really well made things.

Really well means first and foremost good design and then quality and longevity. But it also means good production: everything in WESEN was created under fair working conditions and also has further sustainable, local and/ or ecological advantages. This is different depending on the brand and product, more detailed information can be found here with us under brands or of course directly at the brands themselves.

WESEN originally was simply the front room of the workshop of format with a showcase to the notorious Neukölln Weserstraße since 2011. Over the years, additionally to format, more and more products from other brands with similar principles came into this room, which became a real shop. In 2017 we moved around the corner to Tellstraße and continue to offer special, durable and well-made things with an ecological background.