Collection: CANO

... ALWAYS WANT TO BE TRANSPARENT, FAIR & SUSTAINABLE. FAIRNESS The founders of CANO stand behind the traditional Mexican craftsmanship and appreciate the unique skills behind the handmade products. It is therefore important to them that the craftsmen receive the recognition and attention they deserve. That is why they want to pay fair wages, ensure a professional working environment and improve living standards in the long term SUSTAINABILITY The conventional fashion industry consumes a large part of the world's resources. Therefore, one of the main goals at CANO is to take more responsibility for protecting the environment. That is why Mexican huaraches and leather boots are manufactured that are not environmentally harmful and come from organic farming. In the production processes, CANO strives for “zero waste”. The traditional manufacturing process of the Huaraches allows the Artisans to use up all the leather. In contrast to conventional shoe designs, which are made from large cut-out pieces of leather, the Mexican Huarache mainly consists of leather straps, which can be obtained from almost any piece of leather. Leather residues are thus almost completely avoided. TRANSPARENCY All CANOs can tell their own story, i.e. where they come from, what they are made of and who made them. For us, transparency means giving you extensive information about the production of your favorite CANOs and sharing our efforts to ensure fair and sustainable production. Each step a couple goes through in the manufacturing process can be tracked through an NFC tag in product.