Collection: Millwa alpaca scarves

Millwa and their alpaca products have been around since 2005. Initially with its own stands at handicraft and Christmas markets and since 2011 as a purely wholesale brand.
Alpacas live free and semi-wild in the Andes of South America at altitudes of 3000-5000 m under the most extreme climatic conditions. Adapting to this climate has resulted in animals producing one of the most precious fibers in the world. Because of the particular fineness, together with the high exclusivity of the fiber, alpaca, like cashmere and yak, is one of the noble hairs. Alpacas spend the whole year in their natural environment and are only caught for shearing. The importance of maintaining these living conditions is essential for the production of the fine fiber properties. When grazing and grazing, alpacas do not destroy the sensitive turf like other animal species.

Alpaca wool
• is particularly soft and cuddly and, for example, extremely light compared to virgin wool
• has very special thermal properties: it not only protects against cold, moisture and wind, but also creates heat balance on warmer days
• has a natural shine

The topic of sustainability once started only with the social security of one's own Family, works MILLWA meanwhile with a large number of people from rural areas and women's cooperatives in Peru together who secure and raise their standard of living through this workcontribution to family income. The principle for this is fair payment of the work done, be it at home or in-house Studio. D.he company MILLWA also invests in the training and further education of its employees .

The high productivity of the alpaca fiber also speaks for a particularly sustainable product: from the shearing of an animal can depending on Model 4-6 sweaters are made. This is a high yieldspeed - if you compare this For example, with cashmere, the wool of approx. 4 animals are required.

Last but not least, products made from alpaca fiber are particularly long when properly cared forbig - many Models are often worn by customers for years, which is why in the MILLWA-Collection mainly find classic, timeless models.

To increase the sustainability of your own products will the Transport of goods from Peru to the wholesale warehouse in Germanland on a few shipments bundled in the year. The import as well as the shipping to customers is carried out exclusively without any plastic packaging in cardboard boxes made of recycled material.