Collection: Zouri

ZOURI is an eco-vegan shoe brand that processes plastic waste from the Portuguese coast together with ecological and sustainable materials.

Over 22 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. Zouri mobilized six hundred volunteers from local institutions, NGOs and schools to clean their beaches of plastic waste. As a result, in 2020 Zouri removed 1 ton of plastic from Portuguese beaches.

All Zouris are made in the heart of Protugal in Guimarães. FAIR AND ETHICAL PRODUCTION. 100% MADE IN PORTUGAL The factory in Guimarães guarantees that every pair of shoes is made down to the last detail with the same perfection. When you receive your shoes, they come with an instruction leaflet with all the materials and quantities used in the shoes and the names of the people who made your Zouri.

For the past two years, Zouri has worked and researched the best environmentally friendly and vegan materials. The plastic waste is converted into a raw material that is processed with natural materials such as organic cotton, natural rubber and leather from pineapple leaves - Pinatex. All raw materials are sustainable. The natural rubber and organic cotton are completely natural and organic. Since Zouri began, everything should work without microfiber, leather and plastics.