Collection: LangerChen

LangerChen shows that fashion 'made in China' has nothing to do with mass production or poor working conditions. On the contrary, Miranda Chen and Philipp Langer founded the textile factory Jiecco in 2009 with the aim of establishing an environmentally friendly and fair textile production in China. Five years later, the passion for fashion and the expertise in fabric development laid the foundation for the fashion label LangerChen. About one hour away from Shanghai, all LangerChen collections are manufactured in our own production facility - from the fabric to the finished jacket. The GOTS certified company has been specializing in the production of sustainable fashion since its founding and is a pioneer in China with its standards of fair manufacturing and good working conditions. Nearly 100 employees work here on the sustainable collections. A fair wage, good working conditions and a pleasant working atmosphere are top priorities for everyone. Meanwhile, Jiecco also produces for other big eco-players like Lanius or Armedangels. LangerChen about yourself: "SUSTAINABILITY - We care deeply about treating our planet's resources with care and keeping our footprints as low as possible, using organic cotton, eco-wool, tencel, organic linen and recycled polyester for our materials. FUNCTIONALITY - We develop almost all our fabrics ourselves and pay attention to a comfortable fit and a great look especially on an optimal function. Thanks to special weaves, special membranes and the right raw materials, our jackets and coats warm on cold winter days, keep out rain, protect against icy winds and accompany you through everyday life. FAIRNESS - We want to show that the fashion industry can be fair. We manufacture in-house in China, know each of our employees personally and pay fair wages. Our Jiecco factory is committed to good working conditions, trains all employees on ecology and organizes daily travel for employees. We are a very family business with many long-standing employees. "