Collection: SUITE13LAB

Suite13 LAB is a sustainable fashion brand that designs clothes in Mallorca and has them made in Spain, Portugal, Turkey and India for women from all over the world.

Maria (Mallorca) and Alexia (Pamplona) studied fashion in Barcelona. Both have lived, worked and made contacts there for more than ten years. Then back on Mallorca they founded SUITE13LAB.

After we both settled on the island, we started working in a warehouse that doubled as an office and is now our lovely shop. We now employ a team of professionals that allow us to produce in four different countries and sell in a hundred points of sale. It's obvious that we've grown: our small team on Mallorca has become a close-knit family, we now have our own office and have exchanged short talks at the airport for creative get-togethers in parks while our children play. However, one thing remains clear: our values ​​and inspiration are always at the forefront of our actions.

This certificate guarantees that the garment has been manufactured using environmentally friendly processes at every stage, right down to the moment the raw material is harvested. It also guarantees that those involved in the process have been treated with dignity and without discrimination.

This is responsible for drawing up the necessary requirements for the certification of recycled materials and verifies the social, ecological and chemical processes used in production. The idea behind this is to give materials a second (and a third and a fourth etc.) life to reduce the need for natural resources.

The wool we use carries this certification, which guarantees the welfare of the sheep and the good conditions of the land on which they graze. In addition, it provides us with tools to teach us how the ranchers work and verifies that the wool comes from farms that respect the welfare of the animals.

Derived from the pulp of sustainably managed trees, Lyocell fibers are not only environmentally friendly, but can also be reused over and over again, reducing waste. As if that wasn't enough, the fabric is breathable, soft against the skin and supremely comfortable.

In many of our models we use Cupro from Bemberg by Asahi Kasei. This is a regenerated cellulose fiber obtained from the manufacture of cottonseed oil. This fiber is pleasant to the touch, adapts to every season and is also biodegradable and compostable. A new solution for new times.

This responsibly sourced viscose, made from wood and sustainable cellulose, meets environmental standards throughout the process: from sourcing the raw material, through production, to distribution and disposal. Did you know that making this fiber has 50% fewer emissions and less impact on water resources compared to traditional viscose?

Our garments are shipped to customers all over the world, so we are committed to ensuring that our online trading has minimal impact. That's why we chose Rajapack paper seals, which are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Rovi packaging
To ensure your garment arrives in good condition without harming the planet or its oceans, we use Rovi bags made from over 70% recycled plastic.

Lufe furniture
When choosing office and shop furniture, we choose Lufe furniture. This brand not only protects forests, but also works to preserve biodiversity and supports rural communities that make a living from the timber industry.