Collection: De Colores

De Colores is a family business that has existed since 2005 and is based in Brandenburg and stands for high-quality fashion accessories such as headbands, hats, scarves and hip warmers made from 100% baby alpaca. De Colores is known for its dazzling variety of colors and comfort. It is made in small to medium-sized embroidery in Peru, which mainly produce consistently well in family structures. When selecting the suppliers, compliance with e.g. The standards for working conditions and environmental protection requirements prescribed in the GOTS (global organic textile standard) are also complied with. Alpaca farming in Peru Over 80% of the world's alpaca fiber comes from Peru. The majority of alpacas are kept by small farmers at altitudes of the Andes between 3,000m and 5,000m. The animals have been kept in extensive grazing for many generations. The area is not cultivated or fertilized, and the animals are generally not fed. Most of the land is communal and not privately owned. Due to this special situation, organic certification of the fiber is currently not possible despite these near-natural conditions. The animals are sheared by hand once a year. Knitting and Confection: The main producer is the Waka-s company. The cooperation has existed since 2005. The water is heated by a solar system, the lighting is provided by energy-saving LEDs, and the common rooms have a large, friendly kitchen with the option of warming up food. Whenever child care in the families is impossible, they can be brought to work and looked after there. The timeless collection enables the company and the suppliers to work at full capacity in times when the machines in other knitting factories are still or are already at a standstill. A total of around 60 families have a livelihood. In 2019, Waka-s passed and passed the audit for the Peru Fairtrade certification. We are pleased that the company has been PERU Fairtrade certified since 2020. De Colores and sustainability Alpaca is a natural material and belongs to the class of noble hair. The natural and traditional keeping of animals provides a natural product that does not compete with humans for food. The animals get by without additional feeding and are adapted to the habitat. The material can easily be reintegrated into the ecological cycle. When it comes to dyeing, De Colores make sure that they only include colors in the collection that comply with the Ökotex Standard 100 and are aligned without optical brighteners. During the manufacturing process, the products are no longer chemically finished, but only washed, steamed and packaged.