Collection: COMAZO earth

Favorite underwear from the Swabian Alb. Fair and eco, produced in Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia and Germany).

Comazo is a traditional family business, founded in 1884 by the farmer Conrad Maier in the Swabian Alb. Comazo earth produces its underwear exclusively from GOTS certified organic cotton.

A lot of warm wastewater is produced in the production of clothing. Normally this water is collected in catch basins and then disposed of in the municipal sewage treatment plant. At Comazo, the heat from this waste water is used to generate energy for the dyeing machines in a countercurrent process. This saves up to 90 t of heating oil every year. That is why the Ministry of the Environment is presenting Comazo in its current brochure “Energy efficiency in companies, examples of success from Baden-Württemberg”.

GOTS certificate: Registration No CERES-0442