Collection: SASSIE

Finally really high-quality hair clips that last a long time, are made from waste and also look great.

no scratching, rounded edges and polished surfaces
firm hold even after frequent wear
Produced from 98% cellulose acetate (wood, fruit and vegetable waste + acetic acid) + 2% metal spring (nickel free).
super durable
unique: each clamp is unique, as the pattern is slightly different each time

GRS certified manufactory in China: (Scopes: production (PR0016), packaging (PR0020), warehouse (PR0031), trade (PR0030) (GRS = global recycling standard)

All products are made in a small factory in Zhejiang, China. It is a SEDEX member, i.e. SMETA certified (certified according to specified standards of social responsibility and ethical behavior). Fair working conditions and reasonable wages are extremely important to SASSIE, which is why they always pay particular attention to ensuring that the standards are constantly observed. Some of the many guidelines that are ensured by the SMETA certificate are compliance with environmental regulations, compliance with freely chosen and regulated employment relationships, fair wages, a safe and hygienic work environment and strict action against discrimination in the workplace.