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MOKEN sunglasses

Moken is an eco-conscious French sunglasses brand founded in 2014 in Hossegor, France. Moken make innovative glasses from bioplastics (from plants, biodegradable, decomposes in 120 days once the frame comes into contact with compost.) but also from materials such as wood, cork or stone.

Both founders have a strong connection to the surfing scene and the company is based in the French surfing stronghold of Hossegor. The nonchalance, the attitude and the materiality of this scene can be found in MOKE glasses: water, sand and wood, respect for the power of nature.

1. 90% eco-conscious materials (organically grown, biodegradable and made from natural elements)
2. No plastic packaging (recycled paper or recycled PET)
3. Inclusive work environment (logistics partner with 90% disabled employees)
4. A long guarantee (2 years, own customer service with repair service)
5. Good value for money

All lenses comply with European standard ISO 12312-1-2013 and CE UV 400, which guarantees 100% filtering of UVB and UVA.

Polarization is a filter against unwanted reflections:
At sea, as in everyday life, light is reflected on flat surfaces such as glass, water, the road or even sand. These reflections disrupt our vision, which is where polarized lenses come into play. They prevent reflections for a more comfortable, high-contrast view.

100% UV protection (UV 400) Category 3: In addition to the polarizing filter, Category 3 offers UV protection to protect the eyes, filtering between 82 and 92% of sunlight and 100% of ultraviolet rays. protected.

LIQUID LENS® PROGRAM: polarized high-definition lens, specially developed for rapidly changing light conditions - for professional sailors and fishermen. The specific colouring, combined with the polarization of the lens, makes it possible to focus more sharply and make it easier to see fish and reefs, for example. Particularly suitable for wet environments, the SUPER HYDROPHOBIC equipment offers a water-repellent lens with the best light properties for adapting the eye to light reflections.