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blanket, Salt & Pepper

blanket, Salt & Pepper

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Blanket (100% wool) in a pepper & salt pattern For a cozy feeling of well-being, there is nothing better than a warming blanket - whether it's cold winter or cool summer evenings or just to cuddle on the sofa. And if there is space for two, so much the better! Wool stores and regulates heat very well; this makes it far superior to any synthetic fiber. The sheep's wool for these blankets comes mainly from New Zealand, where the cruel mutilation of the sheep (mulesing) is prohibited. Made from virgin wool - pure nature. Woven by hand in Nepal - under fair working conditions. Size approx. 140 cm wide and 210 cm long. Material: virgin wool. As hand-woven, small deviations in size and slight irregularities in the weave are possible. Care All types of wool have one thing in common: the risk of pilling. Pilling looks unsightly, but is actually an indication of the good quality: With its short, fine fibers, wool is prone to lint and pilling, which is a consequence of friction. Use a wool razor to remove the small tangles. Wool has a tendency to take on odors. Regular ventilation in the open helps against this; but avoid direct sunlight to protect the colors from fading. Or you can hang your scarf in moist air - in the bathroom or outside on a foggy day (not in the rain). Basically: Please wash wool as little as possible. If you wash out the protective wool grease, the scarf or blanket will get dirty again the faster. If it is necessary to wash it, you should consider the following points: >> Temperature: From 25 degrees, wool can become matted because the flaky structure of the fibers contracts. So please always make sure that the water temperature is not too warm. >> Detergents: It is essential to use a wool care product with a moisturizing effect (ordinary detergents attack the fibers of wool). You can add a little vinegar for the final rinses: this will ensure the right pH level that the wool likes and refresh the colors. >> Hand wash: Wool should only be moved back and forth gently, not rubbing and wringing too much. >> Drying: Lay the scarf flat on a bath towel and clothes horse and turn it over several times until it is dry. And please never in the direct sun, on the heater or even in the tumble dryer. Stains should be removed as quickly as possible so that they do not penetrate deep into the fibers and dry out. Here, too, the following applies: rub or brush as little as possible, instead soak and remove the stain as quickly as possible with hair shampoo or wool detergent. Material 100% wool

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