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Recycled Cashmere Wool Sweater - Teti

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The recycled cashmere sweater “Teti” is a comfortable design for all occasions. It's also very warm. It looks best with high waisted pants because it is cut comparatively short. Thanks to a mechanical and manual process, scraps of textile can be transformed into new cashmere wool fibers from them a new yarn is created. From this, new products with great qualities that are very similar to the original are produced while saving natural resources. - 95% recycled cashmere wool and 5% recycled wool - 100% Made in Italy: from fiber to yarn to the finished sweater, made in the textile district of the city of Prato in Italy - Comfortable fit - Each sweater is made from old sweaters that have been turned into new yarn. If you want your cashmere sweater to last forever, it is best to wash it by hand or in the machine at 30 degrees in the wool program. Hardly tumble. Then let it dry on a horizontal surface. Thanks to the manufacturing process in terms of the circular economy, 90% of CO₂ emissions can be saved compared to a new production. No dyes or chemicals are used! The colors of the original fibers are sorted and appear again in the recycled yarn.
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